SAGE Financials

As an organization SAGE strives to manage our financials so that as much of the money we raise as possible goes directly to the scholars we support. The snapshot below provides some measure of how we accomplished that goal recently. Our annual reports back to 2010 are also provided below for a more in depth accounting of our financial state.

2016 Financials at a glance

Displayed here are two key charts pulled from SAGE's 2016 Annual Report data. This first shows SAGE's expenses and revenues from 2011 - 2016. The overall trend shows a small but steady growth over time. The two values track each other fairly closely, since we always closely evaluate our financial standing when deciding how many scholars to take on each year.

SAGE Expenses and Revenues over time (US$)


Expense Types as Percentages, 2016


This second chart shows that in 2016 the vast majority of SAGE's expenditures (98%) went directly to support scholars at university. While the dollar amount spent each year has varied based on how many scholars we were supporting, this trend of where our money was spent is consistent. From 2011 onward, between 93% and 98% of SAGE's expenses have been towards scholar expenses.

Annual Reports

For more information about SAGE's financials, please review our Annual Reports: