Are you applying to or studying at the University of Guyana? Consider applying to SAGE below.

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a Guyanese citizen

  • Applicants must submit a completed application

  • Applicants must meet the entry requirements and be accepted by the University of Guyana.

  • Applicants must be applying for their first year of study at the University of Guyana.

Scholarships Include:

  • Full tuition and course fees, paid directly to the University

  • Case-by-case review of housing or transportation costs


Note that you may submit a SAGE application before being accepted at UG, but you must have started your UG application and have a UG applicant ID number. Selection as a SAGE scholar will be contingent upon satisfactory CSEC exam results and UG acceptance.

2019 Application Process

The SAGE application is a three-step process. Please review the instructions and frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions about the application process, eligibility, or have issues submitting the online form please contact us at

Only applicants who have completed all parts of the SAGE application will be considered for a scholarship. 

Application Submission Window Closed

Please check back in early 2020 for our application window next year.

STEP 1: Online form

For step 1 of the SAGE application, you will need to fill out a mobile-phone friendly online form that asks for some basic information
about you and your academic qualifications.  The sections are:

  • Contact Information - The full name, mailing address, phone, and e-mail of you and an emergency contact. The e-mail address you provide will be our primary method of contact. Please check the account frequently as SAGE representatives may be contacting you to ensure that we have all parts of your application.

  • Household Information and Logistics - The name, age, occupation, and yearly income of each member of your household.

  • Academic Programme and Qualifications - Secondary school information and list of CSEC/CAPE examination results.

  • Additional Materials - Please have your University of Guyana Application ID ready - YOU MUST HAVE THIS TO SUBMIT A SAGE APPLICATION.

  • Scholarship Contract - Review and understand the terms of a SAGE scholarship before submission.

When you have gathered the above information and are ready to begin, click on 'Start Step 1' below. 

After filling out the form, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail with your application information. You can update your application up to the due date via the link included in the e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of submission, please reach out to us at

The Application deadline was May 10, 2019. Please check back for next year’s applications

STEP 2: Personal Essay

In Step 2, you will compose and email a personal essay to SAGE that details your motivations for pursuing a degree at the University of
Guyana and highlights your commitment to Guyana.  You may also submit an optional statement of financial need. 

The essay can be e-mailed to SAGE via attachment using either a typed document or clear picture(s) of your handwritten essay.

You can view the essay prompts by clicking 'Start Step 2' below.

The Application deadline was May 10, 2019. Please check back for next year’s applications

Step 3: Teacher recommendation

In Step 3, one of your teachers should submit a letter of recommendation to SAGE via e-mail either using a typed document or a
clear picture(s) of a handwritten letter.  When you are ready to request a teacher recommendation please click 'Start Step 3' below.

The Application deadline was May 10, 2019. Please check back for next year’s applications

Applicant FAQs

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1) When I apply to SAGE, am I also applying to the University of Guyana with the same application?
No. You MUST apply to the University of Guyana separately. UG has its own application form that must be completed and submitted from their website. An applicant can only be selected as a SAGE scholar if they have been accepted for admission to the University of Guyana.

2) What does the SAGE application consist of?
SAGE applications vary from year-to-year, but typically include a form which asks about personal information, household financial information, academic interests, and CXC and CSEC scores. After submitting the form, applicants must submit a personal essay via email and request a secondary school teacher submit a recommendation.

If you wish to apply, please complete ALL PARTS of the application linked above. You must ALSO submit a UG application.

3) Do applicants have to be a certain age?
There are no age restrictions for SAGE scholars. Typically applicants have completed their secondary school programmes within a few years of applying to the University of Guyana, but all interested parties are encouraged to apply.

4) When will I find out if I have been selected as a SAGE scholar?
Applications will be reviewed in June and July. Application decisions are typically made by early August. If you have submitted a complete application, you will receive word from SAGE by phone or email if you are selected as a scholar or if you are not.

5) What is required of SAGE scholars, if accepted?
Selected scholars must complete the UG registration process required for their program. UG registration typically requires that you go to UG’s campus with passport photos and a copy of your SAGE acceptance letter. Your registration and tuition fees for your selected programme will be billed to SAGE directly.

While attending UG, scholars are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA during the course of their studies and will provide regular grade reports and other updates to SAGE. Once a scholar completes their program of study, they must commit to work in Guyana for at least two years.

6) What if I don't get selected?
If you are not selected as a SAGE scholar, you will receive a letter (either through e-mail or carrier mail) informing you of the status of your application. Even if you are not selected as a SAGE scholar, we still encourage anyone who wants to go to UG to do so! UG offers a student loan programme that can allow you to complete your studies and pay back tuition fees over time. Also, consider reapplying for a SAGE scholarship next year, assuming you meet all the entry requirements. The available funds and applicant pool changes every year, so take the opportunity to revise your essay, and make sure it really says what you want it to say!