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Thank you for considering a donation to SAGE! Your donation will directly support scholars earning their degrees at the University of Guyana. Scholars like Kevin, our first graduate.



Kevin was our first scholar to graduate, having earned his bachelor's degree in Law.

Since graduating, he has worked at Guyana’s Ministry of Social Protection providing advice on legal issues in the Ministry's Department of Labour. In that position, Kevin prosecutes labour disputes and represents employees who are not receiving fair wages or who are not granted annual leave as required by law.

Kevin is also taking courses at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad & Tobago where he plans to complete a Master's degree before returning to work in Guyana.

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Want to make a longer-term commitment to a specific SAGE scholar? Become a sponsor! On average $8,000 funds a full 4 year education at the University of Guyana. This relatively small amount can change a student’s life in Guyana.

In the words of Christina Kogan, one of our sponsors,

Sponsoring a SAGE scholar has been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done in my life. When I initially agreed to the multi-year commitment it was a bit daunting, but very exciting.  I was so proud to be helping someone else in such a big way. As the years go by, I am so glad that I chose to participate.  Typically when you donate to an organization, you write a check and never hear from them again (or at least that has been my experience). But with SAGE, I receive regular updates, and feel like I am a real part of the student’s life.  It is incredibly gratifying to hear about her progress and her life. Every time I get an email about her it makes my day!

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