SAGE Application Step 3: Letter of Recommendation

To the Applicant

The last step of the SAGE application is to ask one of your secondary school teachers to write a letter of recommendation for you. If you completed secondary school a few years ago, you could instead ask a workplace supervisor to write a recommendation for you. To complete this step:

  1. Provide your teacher or supervisor with the prompts, below. Your recommender should send their letter directly to SAGE at

  2. Fill out the form below so that we know who will be submitting your recommendation.

  3. Follow up with your recommender to make sure he/she submits your recommendation by the application deadline.

YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR RECOMMENDER to request he/she completes a recommendation. SAGE will not be contacting teachers for you. We are only collecting his/her name so that we are able to match the applicant and recommendation accurately.

Applicant's Name *
Applicant's Name
Recommender's Name *
Recommender's Name


Please address all of the following questions about the applicant in a letter format. Since it is important that we receive honest and confidential feedback about the applicant, we request that you email this letter of recommendation directly to SAGE.

Please email your letter to SAGE at The letter may be provided in the text of your email, as an attached document, or as picture(s) of the letter taken with a mobile device. 

Recommendations are an important part of the SAGE selection process. They should be honest assessments of an applicant’s academic abilities, integrity, and commitment to Guyana. These recommendations provide SAGE with important insights into each applicant’s skills and potential. The more details that you can provide about an applicant, the more helpful your recommendation becomes to SAGE.

recommendation prompts

Please speak to the following (in letter format):

  1. Your name, how many years have you been teaching (or in your field), and what subject(s) you teach (or what field you work in).

  2. Name of Applicant, name of Secondary School, how many years you have known the applicant.

  3. Describe your relationship to the applicant as his/her teacher or supervisor.

  4. What are the applicant's strengths? What are his/her weaknesses?

  5. Explain the extent of the applicant's commitment to Guyana. How do you know he/she is committed?

  6. Why does this student deserve a scholarship to UG?

  7. What qualities of the student will allow them to be successful at UG?

  8. How has the student’s secondary school education or work experience prepared the student for the University environment? Please be as specific as you can by including references to specific coursework or job tasks and its relevance to the applicant’s intended area of study at UG.

Thank you for your time.

S.A.G.E. Board of Directors

If possible, please provide your letter on a document with your school's or organization’s official stamp or letterhead.