SAGE Scholarship Application Step 2: Essay

Compose a response to the personal essay prompt and optional financial statement, below.

Email your essay to Your response may be directly in the text of the email, in an attached document, or in an attached picture of a handwritten essay (one picture per page).

Write your response to the personal essay in one cohesive essay between 750 and 1,000 words.

Personal Essay (required)

Please include your full name and email address at the top of your essay, so we can match it to your application form.

You must complete ALL parts (A, B, and C) of the personal essay.

(A) Drawing from your own personal experience and point of view, explain why you chose to apply to your particulary programme of study. The reasons you give should not be general, but should instead reflect your unique personality and experience.

(B) If you do not get accepted into you first programme of choice, what alternative UG programme would you select and why?

(C) Explain how a degree in your programme(s) of interest will help you contribute to improving Guyana. Please use specific details and examples in your response.

Financial Statement (Optional)

Provide any additional information to the SAGE board about your financial need that has not been otherwise expressed in the application. Why do you need a SAGE scholarship to attend the University of Guyana?